​​​​​Charles D. Thomas

               ​While I’ve never talked about it very much - mostly because I'm an uncomfortable self promoter- for the past eight years or so I’ve written a monthly column called “Beyond Red and Blue” in the Three Rivers Commercial News (sorry, all columns are behind a pay wall.)  I tend to write mostly about politics but I’ve also written about culture, religion and personal topics over the years.
                Recently, someone asked me if there was a place where they could read some of my old columns.  I assume the request was to read some of my best ones because God knows they have not all been winners.  I selected the columns presented here under the additional assumption that no one wants to read columns I wrote, even good ones, about topics now settled like whether Obamacare should be passed.  So although I wrote some killer Obamacare columns, you won't find those here.

               You can use the menus on the left to navigate around.  I hope you find something you like.